Monday, January 2, 2006

Archived News: 2006-01

31:Quicksilver version 0.12.2 for Mac OS-X.4 is available along

Update (2006-03-04):

I have removed all distributions from this repository.
Please email me if you wish to obtain a copy of any distribution
mentioned here.
31:Quicksilver version 0.12.2 for Solaris 8 is available along with
31:Logical Types, LLC is no longer producing binary distributions
of Mercury that do not support op/3 declarations.
Quicksilver (Mercury with op/3 support)
is a strict superset of Mercury and what Logical Types
16:I've posted a review
of the PADL-2006
06:Here is a module that prints out a parsed term in its
canonical form
useful for inspecting terms with op/3 syntax) and
a test module (test_op.m)
that exercises write_canonical. This can be used
with the regular Mercury compiler, but is designed for Quicksilver
compiling modules with embedded op/3 declarations.
04:Mercury compiler enhanced with op/3
declarations for
both PowerPC architecture Mac OS-X.4 systems (with installation
instructions) and Sparc architecture Solaris 8 systems
(with its own installation instructions) available for
download. The compiler executable is named "lqc"
for "Logical Types Quicksilver
Compiler". A supporting document, detailing the
changes to the compiler to permit users to insert
op/3 declarations (followed eventually by the typed
operators in context) into module implementations, will follow in
short order.

Update (2006-01-31):

These distributions (and the ones mentioned below) are
obsolete. Email me for the current
stable release.