Saturday, January 20, 2007

Archived News: 2007-01

2007-01 31:

As the Mercury standard library does not have a matrix
protocol, I am building a module that handles some basic
matrix operations; this module and its test suites will
be added to the
when in serviceable condition.


Thanks to the efforts of the Mercury research group at
Melbourne, their Mercury compiler (mmc) is now
available for Macintosh computers with the Intel chipset. This
is the alpha ROTD (2007-01-21) as opposed to the currently
sanctioned 0.13.1 release, so some things are experimental
in this version of the compiler. Email
if you wish to have a binary distribution.

Our compiler, ltq (that allows syntactic
extensions with the op/3 directive, see the news
archives at
), may need
some work as the Mercury research team has changed the
ops module. This, of course, also means that
systems that depend on these improvements, such as the
test-building framework qcpt (see news archive
post 2006-05-12),
must also be retested. We will post an update when
qld is again tested and working.