Monday, February 26, 2007

Archived News: 2007-02

2007-02 14:
  • The dynamic syntax compiler ltq ("Logical
    Types Quicksilver") and qcpt (the QuickCheck type
    generator) have been modified to work with the new structure
    of Melbourn's Mercury ops module. The new
    system has been updated and is available in our
    shared repository.

  • The qcheck2 library has been updated to
    work with the current ltq; it includes two
    sample modules with different reportage options. It can
    be found in the shared repository.

  • The peano module has received some new
    counting functions to simplify the user's task of
    constructing small peano numbers.


We present a very tiny foreign interface to
libtiff. The
module tiffany allows reading and writing
simple RGBA TIFFs with two-dimensional arrays. As the
matrix module matures, we will use that
protocol for more comprehensive image filtering. This
interface is presented with some samples and (currently)
no documentation (other than code comments) as is available
from our shared repository.
Both libtiff and the matrix protocol must be
available to run the samples.

Update 2007-02-06:

Per the suggestions of the Mercury
team, I have updated the foreign protocol calls
from the old C-specific interface to the generic and
supported interface. Also, made the library "more"
threadsafe by eliminating the global file pointers
and subsuming those values into the image structure.

Update 2007-02-07:

Changing the c_pointer type to
a foreign_type pragma
(again) to avoid the old C-style foreign
interface and also to eliminate unnecessary
warnings about int-to-pointer casts.