Sunday, February 26, 2006

Archived News: 2006-02


17:The bleeding-edge releases of the Mercury compiler
(the ROTD (release of the day) 2006-02-11),
both for standard Mercury and the Quicksilver
enhancements from Logical Types (op/3
declarations and binary-trees and -sets with
externalizable structure) are compiled and available
for Mac OSX.4 systems. These releases are alpha
quality, but do contain several interesting
developments, such as improved constraint logic
programming syntax, injections (bi-directional maps)
and improved term-as-XML handling. Please email if you
wish to obtain a copy (see contact
Update 2006-02-19:
The Quicksilver distribution has been updated
to the ROTD-2006-02-1618.

Update 2006-02-268:

There are a new set of distributions

  • ROTD-2006-02-235
    distribution now available for

  • ROTD-2006-02-23 distribution

  • Quicksilver ROTD-2006-02-25
    distribution for
    and for the sparc.sun.solaris2.8 as well

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