Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Libraries, etc.

Logical types has the following libraries, systems, and sample code. All provided with the usual caveats (they are not guaranteed to work, and Logical Types is not liable for you downloading and using this code):


a set of utilities useful for building production systems

contains modules:
Module test status documentation
utils 1/4 submodules testedno
utils.graph 0/1 new preds testedno
utils.random 0/10 preds testedno
utils.series 3/3 preds/funcs testedno
utils.xml 2/3 submodules testedno
utils.xml.facade 1/1 pred testedno
utils.xml.pprint 2/2 preds testedno
utils.xml.transform 4/9 funcs/preds tested no


A testing/verification framework for Mercury programs

see qcheck2 justification (work in progress)


Extends Mercury with op/3 declarations, allowing syntax modification

see installation instructions
see ltq doc
see write_canonical that interprets op/3 declarations

samples: hello.m and play.m


A set of fixes to the utilities provided in the Mercury extras distribution supporting operations with the any mode

see anys-diffus.zip simply to apply patches

Alpha: You Have Been Warned!

Work in progress to add a viable matrix protocol; will be rolled into the utils library.


A very small, thread-un-safe, foreign interface to libtiff; also requires matrix (which it already bundles).

Contact Information: dauclair at hotmail.com 703-300-0447
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